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Nicole Wilson

As the world’s largest ever Lego store, the Leicester Square flagship has hosted expectant queues of tourists and enthusiasts since first opening its doors in November. We went along to see how the new store is settling in.

Nicole Wilson
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They say that you don’t notice the foibles of your own culture until you visit somewhere completely different. We’ve never been anywhere that makes this more apparent than Japan.

This is the first blog in our Japanese series; part one is some little retail quirks we noticed during a week in Tokyo.


# 1 Vending is big news (and most machines serve hot drinks, too)

Nicole Wilson

IKEA may be famous for their meatballs, but they’ve been working on a food point of view that goes beyond what they serve to hungry shoppers (and bickering families) in store.

The new IKEA Dining Club is a part-café-part-showroom-part-classroom concept, open for two weeks from the 10th September in Shoreditch. Its battle cry is “to celebrate the joy of cooking together,” no matter your confidence or competence in the kitchen.

Nicole Wilson

By now we’re used to the idea that ‘one day’ our fridges might be so clever they’ll stock themselves, communicating directly with supermarkets behind the scenes so we never have to make a run for Tesco Express in our pyjama bottoms again.

Nicole Wilson
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