February 2012

In business it’s one of the oldest and most credible forms of promotion, the ultimate goal of any brand - to get people talking about you. In a world where the internet has made it possible for a thought or idea to be shared across the world at a phenomenal rate and where ‘going viral’ has become a universally understood term, social networking sites have made the holy grail of ‘word of mouth’ even more desirable to obtain, but few have worked out how to harness its power.

Donna Pearmine
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In December I was fortunate enough to be in Dubai. When there, I spent a day in The Mall of Dubai… ironically not to shop, but to see what the biggest mall in the world had to offer – and literally the whole day was only just enough time!

My thoughts on the retail can wait for another time; what interested me most was what happened in the main food court… the word ‘court’ seems somewhat euphemistic… “Mega colossal food stadium” may have been more appropriate.

Michael Artis
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After three long years in production, which Stella McCartney puts down to her own perfectionism, she cannot help but describe her new perfume L.I.L.Y. with an element of romantic nostalgia; “Firstly, I think it’s a beautiful name: simple and feminine. It also links to one of the main ingredients, which is lily of the valley. On a more personal note, my parents (Paul and the late Linda McCartney) had nicknames for each other. My dad’s nickname for my mother was L.I.L.Y, which stood for ‘Linda I Love You’.”

Nicole Wilson
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