January 2013

“Net brings Christmas cheer to a nation of shopkeepers…” read The Times, Business section’s lead article of 8 January 2013.

One of the key themes, not surprisingly, highlighted the fact that UK online spending at Christmas, for the first time ever, had made the difference between sales rising and falling.

Bernard Dooling20.20

As we move into a new year, the industry is awash with experts’ opinions as to what will be the next big thing. This industry is so fast paced that in the short time it has taken me to write this article, the landscape has already changed. HMV, Blockbusters and Jessops have all gone under and Facebook has announced Graph Search – its attempt to take valuable advertising dollars away from Google.

Andrew Hearn

The biggest fashion houses today operate within a very particular landscape; a utopia of sorts, that relies on tension between heritage and innovation.

With this in mind, the branch of fashion that is often prematurely mourned as a dying art might still prove to be the most future-proof of all. Haute couture is the painstaking creation of made-to-measure luxury garments, and although it is not typically the main source of income for the couture houses still in existence, it is an affirmation of status, offering credence to their commercial ready to wear lines.

Nicole Wilson
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