July 2013

Shopper using a touch screen in-store

In the many conversations I’ve been having with clients and peers, one of the subjects that’s a hot topic for many is ‘customer experience’. Every person and company seem to have their own unique definition as to what this actually means but I’ve listed a few things that are important to me.

I may have been tempted to add the words ‘multichannel’, ‘crosschannel’ or ‘omnichannel’ in a shameless attempt to hit some keywords in my content strategy, but really what it boils down to is making sure customers get the best possible experience.

Andrew Hearn

This blog tells you all about the new stores and collections coming up. Denim is a big topic for the fashion industry this season, as Nudie Jeans opens their first ever repair shop in London, and Selfridges launches their new Denim Studio.

Zara Weller

New and exciting! This blog talks about the latest unusual footwear and their designers. A shoe, or a piece of art? We look at Benjamin John Hall’s creative ideas behind his strange and innovative designs as well as Laura Papp, the brilliant mind behind the porcelain shoe.

Zara Weller