June 2015

Expo stand 2015

We invited guests at the Retail Design Expo 2015 to contribute questions about that ungainly concept, the future of retail, in return for a cup of tea from our friends at Good and Proper. And what we found was that out of hundreds of contributions, retailer concerns fall into a tidy handful of categories.

These are the issues that make retailers big and small feel apprehensive – and probably for that reason the areas that can drive differentiation, if handled with conviction and flair.

1. Immersive Experiences

Nicole Wilson
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Here at 20.20, we’ve created a month-by-month guide full of predictions, events, trends and tech to help you stay ahead of the curve in The Year of Discovery. (So far, we’ve accurately predicted the name of the royal princess and the winner of the FA Cup Final!)

Just in time for the green shoots (and muddy puddles) of festival season, teenage fashion staple New Look have announced a 4% increase in annual sales; alongside a timely 20% leap from outdoor specialists Mountain Warehouse.

Nicole Wilson
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