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Social networking has become a way of life. Our attention spans are waning. We are living in a ‘refresh culture’, craving and consuming constant updates about the world and the people around us. Our urge to post something as soon as our contribution is buried under the newsfeed snowfall has become an almost physical twitch; and just as this is changing the way we interact with each other, it is changing the way we interact with brands.

Two growing digital tribes are emerging: the Keepers and the Fleeters.

Nicole Wilson
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F Shop

Christened The F Shop and boasting the necessities you never knew you needed, the French Connection pop up in Old Street tube station is a lesson in responsive retail. Offering Click and Collect and a Quick Fix service, the store opens early enough for commuters to place orders on their way into work that they can pick up on the way home (or, more likely, out).

Nicole Wilson
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Balancing brand heritage with industry innovation is a challenge we often embrace here at 20.20. So, as the oldest bookshop in London opens its doors anew in St Pancras, we wonder how this retailer has learned from experience to move with the times.

Nicole Wilson
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The Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs

A wide view of the Kauffman stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals

John Faye
Holland & Barrett

An evolution of the new Holland & Barrett concept has hit Camden town following a recent trial in Oxford Street. With pick n’ mix, protein shake, GM-free jellybean and pour-your-own oil installations, the new store seems refreshingly interactive – so we took a walk to the high street to find a healthy dose of inspiration.

Nicole Wilson
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