Japan Part One: Retail Quirks

They say that you don’t notice the foibles of your own culture until you visit somewhere completely different. We’ve never been anywhere that makes this more apparent than Japan.

This is the first blog in our Japanese series; part one is some little retail quirks we noticed during a week in Tokyo.


# 1 Vending is big news (and most machines serve hot drinks, too)

# 2 Cinemas sell film merchandise as standard (Toho Cinemas)

# 3 Most department Stores are a (beige) house of brands

# 4 Physical maps are a thing

# 5 Fashion magazines are basically catalogues (and people are happy to shop for a whole outfit in one go)

# 6 Fruit and veg are a luxury product (from the packaging to the price point and the fruit boutiques on most streets)

# 7 Stationery is a way of life (our favourite was Stalogy, a store which encourages you to write a letter to someone, and they’ll deliver it in exactly one-year’s time.)

Nicole Wilson