Lego's Love Letter to London

As the world’s largest ever Lego store, the Leicester Square flagship has hosted expectant queues of tourists and enthusiasts since first opening its doors in November. We went along to see how the new store is settling in.

With a massive amount of floor space dedicated to giant Lego models of tube stations, London maps, British characters and Big Ben, Lego understands the currency of photo opportunities better than most brands on the high street today. “London” overlays everything in store, from the big statements to the details (even the lift is clad to look like a tube-train door.)

This place really excels at delivering an exciting brand experience alongside a relatively simple retail offer. With signature Lego store display cases and standard (yellow) retail units, finding something to buy is easy. What’s not so easy is having a play with the bricks themselves, despite all the interaction encouraged with the large-scale models.

Digital screens provide extended range browsing, and let you call for help by linking to smart watches worn by the store team. Even the whizziest innovations are pleasingly analogue to look at; the mosaic maker is a glorified photo booth, housing one of the most exciting features of the store – the ability to make your own face out of Lego.

The familiar brick n’ mix wall and the customised mini-figures unit are key areas for interaction, and the store gives customers enough space to comfortably see and select their spoils.

Overall, the store is a brilliant example of a retail environment that lives and breathes Lego. And by delivering on some key consumer expectations (personalisation, localisation, social sharing) we’d be very surprised if the city doesn’t end up loving the store as much as the store obviously loves London.  

Nicole Wilson
Lego Store
Leicester Square
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