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Social networking has become a way of life. Our attention spans are waning. We are living in a ‘refresh culture’, craving and consuming constant updates about the world and the people around us. Our urge to post something as soon as our contribution is buried under the newsfeed snowfall has become an almost physical twitch; and just as this is changing the way we interact with each other, it is changing the way we interact with brands.

Two growing digital tribes are emerging: the Keepers and the Fleeters.

Nicole Wilson
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Thomson interactive experience in store | designed by 20.20

For multi channel retailers, customer facing products and services have historically existed in two very separate worlds, offline or online.

For the most part, traditional stores allow actual products to be presented, and experienced by the consumer prior to purchase. The same products cannot be experienced or explained in the same way online, which instead allows for endless pages of combinations, and increased relevance through data driven personalisation.

Simon Liss
Appear Here Underground Sessions Video Screenshot

Appear Here, have just launched their first in a series of Underground Sessions, which take place in various underground stations, where discussions are held between important and interesting industry bods. As specialists in acquiring spaces and helping brands retailers have pop up space to execute their latest brand experience, they found the perfect location and a great first panel. Alongside Jonathan Chippendale (Holition), Ben Moffitt (Bailey Nelson), and Lili Papadimitriou (Google), Jon discussed the future of retail.

Zara Weller
An example of NFC mobile payment

£15 for a salad! – EE’s version of a NFC wallet ‘cash on tap’ shown here – NFC might be great, but it doesn’t stop you getting ripped off…

Simon Liss
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Shopper using a touch screen in-store

In the many conversations I’ve been having with clients and peers, one of the subjects that’s a hot topic for many is ‘customer experience’. Every person and company seem to have their own unique definition as to what this actually means but I’ve listed a few things that are important to me.

I may have been tempted to add the words ‘multichannel’, ‘crosschannel’ or ‘omnichannel’ in a shameless attempt to hit some keywords in my content strategy, but really what it boils down to is making sure customers get the best possible experience.

Andrew Hearn