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Welcome to the final episode of Trevor Lock on…! I, Michael Artis, Client Director of Sport & Leisure will ask comedian Trevor Lock about his experiences with “The world’s most intimate gig”.  

Last year, Trevor did a tour of people’s living rooms after fans through Facebook kept asking when he would next be in their town. “People don’t understand that I am not one of those touring comics.”

Michael Artis
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As promised, we continue with our series of Trevor Lock On…! Michael Artis, Client Director of Sport & Leisure, invited comedian Trevor Lock in to talk about “The Role of Social Media”.

Since social media became so important with Facebook set up in ‘04 and Twitter in ‘06; the way audiences are approached has been totally revolutionised. Trevor Lock describes it as a type of freedom, an easier and more personal way of communicating.

Michael Artis
Gamification Badges

What is gamification?

I am a self-confessed social media addict. As soon as I get wind of a shiny new platform or app, it’s immediately downloaded and played around with so that I can evaluate its usefulness to my work or personal life. One of the apps that stood the test of time is foursquare. I have been checking-in, unlocking specials and becoming the Mayor. I have been high on the foursquare leaderboard for almost two years now; considerably more than my usual three week threshold of engagement for an app before it gets deleted.

Andrew Hearn

The ‘Lock On…’ series has moved onto a new topic. “Live’ and Comedy’

An interview about the live experience and its potential featuring comedian, Trevor Lock.

Trevor Lock talks about the market for live experience and how it is fuelled by the continual “potential for something different to happen.” Ultimately, the same thing will never happen twice. As a comic, Trevor has learnt to react and respond to how these unpredictable differences need to become part of his performance; something that in-turn makes him such a great live performer [he didn’t make me say that!].

Michael Artis

Our first episode is about Audience Engagement. Trevor Lock talks through his unique perspective on the importance of, and how to form, a strong connection with your audience.

It is so fascinating to hear Trevor’s parallel view on what ultimately we have to do as a business and brand everyday. It should be no surprise that Trevor’s secret ingredient is all about proximity – both physically and emotionally.

Michael Artis