20.20 appointed by Premier League Champions

20.20 are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by Premier League champions Manchester City to radically improve two of their prime hospitality suites.

Following their dramatic victory over QPR on the closing weekend of the Premier League to clinch the title, work began at the Etihad stadium to ensure that what is being achieved on the pitch is being matched by the hospitality offer in terms of being world class but also truly representative of the character and rich history of the club.

The two spaces 20.20 have been asked to work on are the newly named Connell Club which replaces the fine dining Boardroom offer and The Mancunian which is an existing space that will be completely refurbished as well.

The Club asked 20.20 to look at various options that celebrate their heritage and the idea that was settled on was to honour The Connell family, who were involved in setting up the football club in 1880.

The Connell Club will offer exclusive fine dining for up to 220 guests and will be the most premium space for fans to watch football from. It will tell the story of the Connell family through subtle detailing and also incorporate the community feel that the family injected into the Club from the very beginning.

The look and feel will be a mix of traditional and modern and will be warm, welcoming and intimate. All manufacturing and materials will be sourced locally wherever possible to maintain the Club’s ‘community first’ ethos.

There will be a gallery style entrance where locally commissioned art will be displayed, a map of where the Connell family lived and set up the roots of the football club will be graphically represented on the ceiling of the space.

Five ‘ambassador booths’ with circular tables have been introduced which form the highest tier of the offer, each table represents one of the values of the St Mark’s Cross – the Club’s first crest - and is inscribed accordingly around the perimeter edge.

Sliding laser-cut aluminium doors have been introduced to divide up the space and give the ambassadors area premium intimacy. They also mean the space can be opened up as a multi-functional non-matchday event space.

The Mancunian has been given a complete facelift with a young, edgy and urban look encapsulating Manchester culture.

The space is adorned with graphic representation of the Club’s famous chants and Manchester music, there are chainmail screens that are printed with the soundwaves of iconic songs and lyrics on the ceiling.

The refurbished suite will be bold in its design with a lot of vinyl finishes and monochromatic colours.

One of the most radical changes is to completely move the bar to the front of the space which not only creates a dramatic entrance, but also opens up what is one of the best panoramic views of the pitch in the whole stadium, making the hallowed turf the perfect backdrop to this new uber stylish offering.

Like the Connell Club, the Mancunian will maximise revenue for the Club by being just as flexible in terms of usage on a non match-day.

The work is set to be completed in time for Manchester City to begin their defence of the Premier League title in August 2012.

Manchester City’s Marketing Manager Justice Ellis said: “We’re thrilled with the look and feel of the design concepts 20.20 have developed in anticipation of what is to come at the Etihad Stadium next season.

“Both the Connell Club and The Mancunian have been meticulously planned to represent the aspects on which the club is formed, from a proud history, unique culture and loyal fan-base.

“Manchester City is a global brand, proud of its roots. We are taking these spaces onto another level, expressing the character of the club and creating an experience unrivalled anywhere in world football.”

Miranda Nagalingam
Posted on Friday May 25 2012 | Comments (0)