September 2012

On the 26th September 2012 baby specialist Kiddicare opened the first of ten new superstores in Nottingham’s Castle Marina Retail Park, marking the first time a pure-play has made the radical transition from e-commerce to cross-channel model. .

20.20 worked closely with Kiddicare’s brand director and creative team to create a store experience that uses retail theatre to bring to life the adventure and joy of having a baby

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In preparation for the 2012/ 13 football season when Manchester City were eager to again win the Premier League, they decided to put some focus onto the long standing members of the club.

The two spaces 20.20 were asked to work on are the newly named Connell Club, which replaces the fine dining Boardroom offer and The Mancunian. This was an existing space that was completely refurbished as well.

Manchester City football club
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The International

Located in the main stand, The International has been designed by 20.20 to represent the global impact of Liverpool FC’s legends, and to celebrate their international players and achievements. This new space honours the players responsible for flying the Liverpool flag abroad, who in turn have helped Liverpool FC and their fan base reach the far corners of the world.

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20.20 have been working with Liverpool FC for the majority of the year on creating some amazing spaces at Anfield. These are ‘The International’, ‘Shanks’ and ‘The Paisley’.

All will be revealed when we tell the story of the designs and talk to press about what we have been up to.

However- the family of Bill Shankly opened the ‘Shanks’ last night, and said these fabulous words: