The Beauty of Liberty

Beauty Hall visual

Eclectic department store Liberty will double the size of its beauty offer this year with the help of their friends at 20.20.

We previously worked with Liberty when we designed the former beauty hall on Regent Street and thus have a a deep understanding of the brand and exactly what Liberty stand for so were delighted to be asked once again to design this new beauty emporium, which is set to open in June 2011.

We applied a very different design approach by collaborating with experts from the world of theatre. Through this, we explored the concept of transformation, which is at the heart of the theatre and has thus become the theme of the new beauty hall full of drama and impact.

Transformation represents the journey the customer goes on from the anonymous, stressed city dweller, enticed in from the madness of the city streets to a relaxed, pampered individual, indulging in the calming, beautifully lit, theatrical surroundings of the Liberty beauty hall.

The experiential design capture’s the very soul of Liberty’s iconic heritage providing a comfortable, yet pleasurable and decadent, almost sinful place to shop.

Individuality means luxury to Liberty, which is celebrated in every exquisite element of the beauty room from the welcoming entrances, the curves, colours and textures of the natural materials used, to the way the consultation counters embrace the existing columns of the bizarre rooms and fit flawlessly with the theatrical architecture of the building.

New brands will be introduced and presented in a unique way that provides the perfect environment to browse and that is sensitive to the customer’s presence and needs, she will be immersed in product.

Functionality has also been considered to help the beauty team with selling and storage to aid the exemplary service and expertise Liberty holds in this category.

Mariann Wenckheim, a Director of 20.20 said “We are delighted to be working with Liberty again on such a unique project as this as it gives us the opportunity to be very bespoke, surprising and brave with our design. The new Beauty Hall will be like nothing else in London, offering a journey of discovery and pleasure for the discerning Liberty customer.”  

Miranda Nagalingam
Posted on Thursday March 24 2011 | Comments (0)