Bergkamp's famous strike stands tall outside Emirates Stadium

Dennis Bergkamp Statue Arsenal

Footballer and Arsenal Legend, Dennis Bergkamp was immortalised in bronze last week at the Clock End of Emirates Stadium to join tributes to fellow footballing heroes, Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry. Following a friendly tip-off from Henry that the unveiling would be an emotional moment, Bergkamp spoke fondly of his years at Arsenal, commenting that although his statue stands alone, it was the whole team that made him shine during his 11 years at the Club. The statue celebrates a fan-favourite moment in a sparkling career; the Dutchman’s famous diving strike against Newcastle United in 2003. 

20.20 have directed the production of each of the iconic bronze statue at the Emirates; Creative Director Jon Lee was close to the process from start to finish.

“The great thing about this piece is that it was so challenging to do. We wanted to capture Dennis’s first touch, which is what he was famous for.”

“The challenge was that the most famous moment is of Dennis’ career at Arsenal is when he flew through the air. The structural challenge of having a bronze sculpture floating in the air in a public space where 60,000 people walk by only adds to the wonder of the final piece. We are so proud to have been apart of immortalizing another hugely significant hero, and the reaction of the fans makes all the sleepless nights and hard work worthwhile.”

Some photographs from the work in progress below

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