Garfunkel's rebrand is revealed

The first Garfunkel's restaurant incorporating the new identity and communications developed by 20.20 has opened in Ludgate Hill, London today.

This is a completely new site that portrays the new look and feel that 20.20 have worked on for the restaurant chain to help revitalise the brand.

After determining that the public perception of Garfunkel’s was that it was touristy and American, we set about creating a new set of brand values and communications that gives the chain a new direction and story and will help them appeal to a more local and everyday crowd, in the case of this particular site, Londoners on their lunch breaks, for example which Garfunkel’s have traditionally failed to attract.

Their offer of having ‘something for everyone’ at all times of the day is one of their key differentiators which also needed to be communicated better as again, the common perception was that it more of an American Diner for evening, family meals.

The obvious starting place to reflect this new direction was a new warm and welcoming identity that also communicates the offer. We then looked at every point of communication from posters, A boards and menus to loyalty cards, window graphics, signage and even doormats. They all now have a distinctly more British, friendlier and local look and feel using illustration that takes traditional Britishness and uses it in a contemporary way. The messaging is quick, bold and symbolic but with a fun tone of voice.

An existing restaurant in Edinburgh will be reopened with the new look in the new year, with the new brand expected to continue being rolled out throughout 2012.

Miranda Nagalingam
Posted on Friday December 23 2011 | Comments (0)