The International, Shanks & The Paisley are now open

The International

Located in the main stand, The International has been designed by 20.20 to represent the global impact of Liverpool FC’s legends, and to celebrate their international players and achievements. This new space honours the players responsible for flying the Liverpool flag abroad, who in turn have helped Liverpool FC and their fan base reach the far corners of the world.

Membership to The International is by invite only. Members have their own personalised decanter - decorated with the Liver Bird logo and their name - that is kept on the front of the bar with their drink of choice. 20.20 also designed the new Liver Bird pin that is part of the membership package.

The words that adorn the entrance corridor celebrate the global fan base, showing the reach of Liverpool Football Club. This begins to tell the story of The International, where legend and heritage have inspired every detail of the design. Legends and heritage have inspired every detail of the design.

As you walk into The International, dignitaries are presented with a striking reflective map of some of the destinations in which LFC’s greatest have played. On a deconstructed map of the world, large hexagons represent the furthest corners of the globe that their most famous international players have reached.

There are 56 chairs, 28 of which show the number of caps and names of players. One features Ian Rush, 73 caps, Striker, 1980- 1996, 28 goals. There are also 10 wooden panels displayed in the cabinet, which show more detailed information from the map, Kenny Dalglish features here; 102 caps for Scotland, most capped Scottish international and 30 cracking goals.

A skyline across the windows shows some of the city experiences of players on their travels, and cups, trophies and international caps on loan from the LFC’s museum punctuate the space. The mood throughout is global, intimate and impressive; a space unique to Liverpool Football club that we hope perfectly represents their rich heritage.

Shanks & The Paisley

The Centenary Stand hosts two new hospitality areas named Shanks and The Paisley; two spaces for two icons of Liverpool Football Club. Ever the extrovert, Shanks is overt and punchy. The Paisley is more understated with a quiet confidence, and just as impactful.

The vision of the both designs is to be the ultimate sports bar for all Liverpool fans. Each space is a physical representation of the men themselves, one the passionate extrovert, the other a master tactician. With iconic moments and statements immortalised in the very fabric of each room, every one of the 1010 fans can get personally acquainted with Bill and Bob. The spaces balance their well-publicised moments with the more intimate interactions known only to their players. Positive and with a real sense of pride, these spaces are as full of stories as the men themselves.

‘Shanks’ is inspired by the man’s extrovert character, bold statements and love of the game. Shankly had his own way of doing things. He revolutionised the club and the training ground, choosing his own team, something previously done by the Directors. He had a unique managerial style, and pioneered a training activity that was designed to improve players’ aim. The ‘Sweat Box’ meant that players kicked a football on wooden fences around the training pitch, passing and moving from one target to the next as quickly as possible within a time limit. This developed stamina, reflexes and ball skills, and his ‘pass and move’ strategy derived from this training activity still exists in Liverpool’s style of football today. The graphics across the bar, which stands proudly in the middle of the space, feature ball splatters in red, white and black, celebrating this famous ‘Sweat Box’ legacy.

The pillars in Shanks have iconic quotes written in bold red and black font.

“Ay, here we are with problems at the top of the league”
“Don’t over eat and don’t lose your accent”

The image of Ron Yeats, who was Captain of the greatest Liverpool team in the 1960s and nicknamed ‘The ‘Colossus’, stands proud in Shanks. Shankly handpicked Yeats for the side he was building at Liverpool. Yeats is a tall man at 6’2” and was one of the tallest men in the league, but Shankly wanted him and the rest of the side to look bigger and more intimidating. Shankly used psychology to intimidate the opposition and decided to change the kit to be entirely red - a tradition that continues today. He thought without the break of white in the kit his players would appear larger, and the appearance of one bold colour from head to toe made a huge impact.

“That’s it, we’re going to play in all red. You, when you were running over here, looked like colossus coming towards us. That’s it, we’re all in red”. Bill Shankly.

This was a turning point for the club and lead to success in the upcoming seasons. It was a bold idea from a bold manager. The ‘Colossus’ area of the Shanks bar, therefore, is ‘all red’, from red floor to red ceiling with red walls and red furniture in-between.

The entrance wall is used to celebrate the success of Shankly’s reign as Liverpool FC’s manager: 3 League titles, 2 FA Cups, 1 UEFA cup. There are window images which also include quotes, “At a football club, there’s a holy trinity- the players, the managers and the supporters”, “Directors don’t come into it”.

Bob Paisley is regarded as the greatest Liverpool FC manager of all time, due to his year-to-championship record. Paisley is the only manager in history to win three European Cups.

“This club has been my life.’”
“I’d go out and sweep the street and be proud to do it for Liverpool FC if they asked me to”. Bob Paisley.

Paisley was an introvert. He was quiet and unassuming but very ambitious. On 20.20’s journey to understand Bob Paisley, we discovered stories from his family that most fans wouldn’t know. Over his career at Liverpool, he won 19 medals over 9 incredible seasons, some of which his wife Jessica was unable to locate after his death. An incredibly hardworking man, he valued the win more than the prize. The Lost Medals feature in The Paisley, uniting all his achievements together in one space. The medals are graphically represented on the wall along with commentary explaining to fans that the medals didn’t matter; what’s important is for players and fans to revel in the moment.

Paisley was methodical and organised. He kept notes of every game, which - due to sheer volume - had to be kept in filing cabinets in his office. The ‘Notebooks’ were a symbol of his managerial style and have been incorporated into 2020’s design of The Paisley on the entrance wall, which is the main focus for guests entering the space. The wall features the story of the notebooks through images and captions, including his own words,

“If you don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we’ll discuss the options later’. Bob Paisley.

He was described as the best judge of player most had ever seen, and could immediately spot your weakness and expose it. He was the original analyst of the modern game. The pillars have chalk drawings and notations of his tactics, with Bob’s famous words spreading onto tables and walls.

20.20 hopes that the design of these spaces gives fans some insight into the lives and careers of Shankly and Paisley. The stories that are told celebrate the club’s most treasured managers and incredible history; they cannot fail to excite fans before a game.

“I’m proud to be a Liverpudlian tonight” Bob Paisley.

Andrew Parkinson, Operations Director, Liverpool Football Club, said: “Providing a unique atmosphere for fans is a high priority for the Club so we are delighted to have worked with 20.20 to introduce these new lounges for our fans at Anfield.

“We are investing heavily in the experience that we provide for our supporters so in conjunction with the on field focus we are working extremely hard to try to provide the highest standard of hospitality in the Premier League.”

Karen Gill and Chris Carline, grandchildren of Bill Shankly, said “The renovation is so classy, for the family to be walking around it - seeing the photos and the quotes, it’s a real trip down memory lane.” Karen Gill said “It’s very symbolic of Liverpool’s fans, looking forwards but keeping an eye on the past”.

Zara Weller
Posted on Friday September 28 2012 | Comments (0)