Jim Thompson talks Tesco

Retail Week’s Stores Editor John Ryan decided to put Tesco under the spotlight in the latest edition of the magazine and invited 20.20 Managing Director, Jim Thompson along for his expert opinion.

Much is documented about the Tesco Extra and Tesco Metro/ Express formats but the midsize ‘Superstores’ that actually make up more of their estate than the edge of town super huge ‘Extra’ stores seem to escape the radar.

After reporting very disappointing trading figures for Christmas 2011, John Ryan decided to take a trip to the Tesco Superstore in Leytonstone with Jim in tow to ‘get a feel for the current image that the grocer projects to the wider world’.

Whilst acknowledging this particular store may not necessarily be a fair representation of the whole portfolio, John points out it is in ‘perfect Tesco territory’ because of the diversity of cultures on its doorstep.

Jim goes on to look at a number of elements outside and inside the store with John, from the volume of exterior signage to, in-store graphics, merchandising, navigation and the look and feel of the various departments.

To read the article and Jim’s observations of the store please click here

Miranda Nagalingam
Posted on Monday February 6 2012 | Comments (0)