The Mancunian & Connell Club are now open

In preparation for the 2012/ 13 football season when Manchester City were eager to again win the Premier League, they decided to put some focus onto the long standing members of the club.

The two spaces 20.20 were asked to work on are the newly named Connell Club, which replaces the fine dining Boardroom offer and The Mancunian. This was an existing space that was completely refurbished as well.

The club wanted to celebrate their history, which inspired The Connell Club. The Mancunian was re-designed for the modern ‘mancunian’ man who is stylish, urban and wears neutral colours and his team’s blue.

The Connell Club offers fine dining and is the most premium space for fans to watch the football. Through the design and detailing, the space tells the history of the Connell family and therefore the foundations of Manchester City. The Mancunian is beautified with detailing inspired from the fans chants and favourite songs. The chainmail that surrounds the bar features sound waves of their famous ‘Blue Moon’ and also has lyrics around the ceiling. The biggest change in this space is to bring the bar to the front so that it creates a dramatic entrance and opens the panoramic view of the whole stadium.



Please see here for the full project information.

Zara Weller
Posted on Friday September 28 2012 | Comments (1)