Strauss Innovates with 20.20

German brand Strauss Innovation, established in 1902, has just launched a concept store in Leipzig to showcase its new brand proposition and store experience.
CEO, Paula Minowa with her team embarked to reinvent the brand in order to make it more relevant to both new and existing customers. 20.20 have worked closely - and bilingually - with the Strauss team to help define, articulate and visualise their brand and store proposition. The outcome needed to be true to the brand’s DNA and unique to the German market.

Strauss specialises in feminine apparel and homewares. Blending these two worlds together, the store focusses on storytelling that will connect all its channels (stores, catalogues and online), with cross-merchandising rather than traditional collection segmentations to appeal to customer lifestyles.
The test store is located within the busy Leipzig station, and occupies a space of 600m².

Informed by the new brand vision, 20.20 have created a home for Strauss’ persona the “modern alchemist,” where joyful moments come to life.

An open view into the store from street level welcomes customers in and guides them through the reception room, abundant with inspiring cross-merchandised displays that are updated monthly. There is a natural flow to the space, drawing customers into the gifts and celebrations area, which forms the hub of this light and vibrant space. From here, customers can explore the bedroom and bathroom areas where they can indulge in the cabinets of curiosities, merchandised with lifestyle-led ideas.

The home department is a mix of effortless decor ideas, balanced with an eclectic selection of distressed furniture – wardrobes, long presentation tables, benches, and quirky props. The finishes are modern with a twist, featuring lime washed timbers and playful wallpapers. The flooring is townhouse inspired, with timber and chequered tiles throughout.

20.20 have delivered a holistic response to the demands of Strauss’ customers. The space instils a sense of community, and products are housed in a tasteful ad indulgent haven, waiting to be explored. Strauss customers can be inspired by a store that gives them ideas to be creative, and the desirable solutions to make these ideas a reality for themselves and their loved ones.

Paula Minower, CEO of Strauss Innovation said “Without 20.20 we could not have created a store that so skillfully represents our customers desires and sets us apart from our competitors in the German market. 20.20 became part of our team creating a collaborative and energetic ethos which enabled us to deliver the store within a very demanding time frame. The customer and colleague feedback has been incredible and the store is beating our expectations.”


Zara Weller
Posted on Wednesday July 3 2013 | Comments (0)