What can YOU learn from the highly competitive UK food retailing?

International Advertising Association hosted a conference on the 24th April 2012 in Vienna, Mariann Wenckheim, Partner of 20.20 spoke at the event;

"Even though price is important, it is the perception that is most essential. Retailers cannot just differentiate themselves on price, price is a given. What is truly important is to give customers an experience; we cannot just ask customers what they are thinking; we need to know how they are feeling. At the moment, wanting to cook is a positive trend, along with health, lifestyle, wellbeing and convenience. These all play into how we feel, therefore retailers have to pay attention to this." Mariann made the above statement at the event.

The recorded presentation is in German; therefore German speakers please click here; http://www.iaa-austria.at/player.php?movie=../inc/modul_configuration/pl...

More information about the event: http://www.iaa-austria.at/news_138.html

Zara Weller
Posted on Thursday June 21 2012 | Comments (0)