We are natural born collaborators who do three things really well

Innovative propositions

We are experts at enriching businesses with customer-centric brand propositions.

Our strategy and innovations team have been responsible for a multitude of commercially-successful growth strategies that have helped our diverse range of clients to achieve their ambitious goals.
We pride ourselves in defining the simple truths that lead to powerful customer and brand propositions, giving you the tools to deliver positive change.

  • Proposition development
  • Own brand development
  • Name generation
  • Customer insights and profiling
  • Marketplace investigation
  • Trend analysis and sector innovation
  • Ethnographic, semiotic and real-time research
  • Multi and omni channel connected strategies

Connected brands

We began to develop our unique brand-building offer after creating the iconic brand identity for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in 1999.

We leverage a deep understanding of customer and fan behaviour to develop compelling and emotionally-connected brands that engage people with the organisation, with each other and with the world around them.
We use our expertise in storytelling techniques and experience design to create brand identities and communication programmes that are relevant, agile and always memorable.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand articulation
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand communication and tone of voice
  • Brand engagement programmes
  • Promotional programmes
  • Social media alignment
  • Cross-channel brand digital identity and content design

Extraordinary experiences

In a world defined by social change and digital revolution, the power of experience has never been more important. We make complex interactions between you, your customers and your fans as simple and special as they should be.

20.20 are experts in designing and delivering experiences that add value, emotion and impact to the customer journey.
We help businesses to rethink the way they buy and sell products and services, giving your brand a story that thrives across every channel and every customer touchpoint.

  • Retail and leisure design strategy
  • Customer flow and engagement
  • Space and Store planning
  • Interior and three dimensional design
  • Merchandising and POS
  • In-store communications
  • Prototypes and roll out
  • Project management
  • Mobile, in-store and integrated web technologies