Club Level delivers new benchmarks for fan experience

Arsenal Football Club


Four years after making the Emirates their home in 2006, Arsenal FC re-enlisted 20.20 to develop their fan experience at Club Level and set new benchmarks in global stadia hospitality. The truth is that exclusive stadium spaces no longer compete for a captive local audience; the Emirates had to excel against Michelin-star restaurants and London’s best venues. The new suites would uphold the club’s fundamental brand value, ‘Tradition with Vision,’ and enhance match day for a premium tier of 7000 fans.


To identify opportunities for greater efficiency as well as meaningful fan engagement, our design process was enriched by Club stories, fan interviews and match day observation. As well as Legends, a vibrant sports bar, we delivered three intimate and relaxed fine dining experiences; The Woolwich, The Foundry and the WM Club, each instilled with character, a sense of place and a refined celebration of Arsenal FC’s rich heritage. We immersed fans in stories of two of the Club’s most successful managers, separated by their time but united in their vision.


+ Designed and delivered from brief to launch in 5 months
+ Winner, Project of the Year, Stadium Business Awards 2011
+ Winner, Gold Award, Association of Interior Specialists
+ WM surpassed all sales targets.
+ The Foundry created a new revenue stream from unused space, completely selling out ahead of launch