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Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit

Here at 20.20, we know that today’s sports and leisure industry has outgrown blind loyalty.

We design spaces, brands and experiences that spark genuine conversations and lifelong connections. We are advocates for brave and meaningful change in a sector with the most passionate critics around. We forge communities across channels and concourses, driving anticipation and commercial results for events that happen once a week, and once in a lifetime.

The light boxes displaying images from past events at Wembley within the new Club Wembley corridors

Anyone lucky enough to be a member of Club Wembley will notice that the walkways have become a lot more impressive recently.

Say goodbye to the Perspex frames that captured a “sepia-toned” record of the past, and say hello to eye-catching light boxes that bring Wembley memories to life.

The breakout spaces that punctuate the walkways have been lifted with bold narrative adorning the walls that motivate and inspire greatness that a special stadium such as Wembley deserves.

We love the impact that has been made.

Head of Sport & Entertainment, Michael Artis, recently spoke at Sport Business NZ conference, with over 200 leaders of New Zealand sport about the importance of Fan Engagement being at the heart of commercial success. Michael accompanied other speakers, including the Chief Executive of Sport NZ, NZ Rugby Union, NZ Rugby League, Netball NZ as well as sector experts including Sports Geek and Sky Network TV.
So amongst rather illustrious speakers, 20.20 are tremendously proud to pass on the following quote from the event organiser, AC Events:

This week Manchester City have given us the chance to see within their newly launched City Football Academy. The new academy provides world-class training facilities for their junior and senior teams.

Follow the link below for a look around inside.


Its great to see the facility come to life!

Ascot Racecourse took home a total of four awards at last night's Racecourse Association awards ceremony, including the coveted Showcase 2014 champion.

They fought off stiff competition within the industry to win the awards for Best Racecourse, Best Event, and Best Food & Beverage with the 20.20 designed 'On 5' restaurant and bar space.

Ascot Racecourse
restaurant design

Social networking has become a way of life. Our attention spans are waning. We are living in a ‘refresh culture’, craving and consuming constant updates about the world and the people around us. Our urge to post something as soon as our contribution is buried under the newsfeed snowfall has become an almost physical twitch; and just as this is changing the way we interact with each other, it is changing the way we interact with brands.

Two growing digital tribes are emerging: the Keepers and the Fleeters.

Nicole Wilson
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The Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs

A wide view of the Kauffman stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals

John Faye
Story NYC - Love Story

As a high-concept store, Story has had a lot of attention since its launch in 2011; every trend presentation on the future of retail seems to have featured the New York store at some point. There are always new concepts and new retailers doing things slightly differently but this one really grabbed the headlines and I was keen to see what the fuss was about when I visited NYC in March. The reason for much of this attention is that they change their theme (story!) every 6 weeks or so.

Jon Lee

A new book, Generation Y and Luxury, by Brione & Casper, asserts Gen Y as passionate connoisseurs of high-end products and services, but claims this demographic are cautious with the word ‘luxury,’ demanding value for money and prizing branded products more for a sense of personal satisfaction and promise of superior quality than for the name stamped on the front.

Nicole Wilson
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