Vienna's bakery



Leading bakery brand Anker was keen to rekindle the love of their Viennese customers. The family-owned business challenged 20.20 to radically evolve their bakery shop for the customer of today. Our definition of success was to entice every second customer to buy one cup of coffee with their ‘Kipferl,’ and reposition Anker as the place to get your breakfast, lunch, and every snack in between.


We took the Anker brand back to its roots and evolved the concept of ‘daily bread’ into ‘daily meal,’ inspiring a new store format that positioned Anker as an authority on baking, great Viennese coffee and delicious takeaway food. Our new concept reinterpreted the bakery, introducing Viennese ‘Gemütlichkeit’, updating communications and product presentation to create tempting and fresh displays. The new store revolutionised Anker’s takeaway experience on the one hand and improved the dine-in experience on the other.


+ Sales have risen above expectations
+ Anker is now attracting a younger generation of customers