Launching a happy, healthy food brand



Waitrose wanted to create a healthy product brand. With many competitors already in the market, the premium supermarket needed to go one step further to really engage customers. Working together, 20.20 and Waitrose developed the proposition in collaboration with nutritionists, replacing the chore of calorie counting with the joy of food variety and balance.


Building on values of quality, trust and ethics, 20.20 and Waitrose developed an inspiring brand proposition for an accessible health & wellbeing brand, which comfortably spanned the supermarket’s Good, Better, Best tiers. We set the vision and a vibrant tone of voice and creative direction to motivate customers with a shared love of food to buy into a positive new eating philosophy. Identity and packaging designed by Pearlfisher.


+ LOVE Life rapidly became one of the highest-performing brands in the Waitrose family, and has since been one of Waitrose’s fastest-growing brands.