Nissan, Oxford, UK

Nissan Europe


On average, customers visit a car showroom just once before purchase, compared to seven times five years ago. What began as a brief for a paperless showroom soon developed into a project that would inspire a brave leap from Nissan’s business leaders. Together, we would radically challenge the way cars are sold, redefining the showroom proposition to increase conversion rates and make the most of Nissan’s one opportunity to really engage customers with their brand.


Revitalising the showroom model relied on a fundamental shift from a traditional, high-pressure sales experience to an open and consultative one. We took the sales out of the salesman and gave them the tools to really engage with customers. Empowered by roaming technology, the team can give customers the time, space and support to explore and make decisions at their own pace. Aftersales has been elevated to the heart of the action, showcasing long-term support services and creating Nissan customers for life.


+ Substantial uplift in conversion, sales, profitability, brand perception and customer satisfaction across pilot sites

+ Pan-European roll out