Retail storytelling for modern lifestyles

Strauss Innovation


German retailer, Strauss Innovation have been specialising in feminine apparel and homewares since 1902. They approached us for help modernising the brand proposition and retail experience to earn appeal with loyal customers and new shoppers alike. We recognised that Strauss would need to embrace retail storytelling to express their new brand, rather than relying on traditional segmentations to represent modern lifestyles.


We defined, articulated and visualised the new brand essence and in-store experience. We created a unique persona for Strauss: the ‘modern alchemist’ of joyful moments, supported by an intimate shopping experience driven by curiosity, cross-merchandising and lifestyle-led ideas. The new concept adds a breath of modernity to the Leipzig flagship, celebrating joyful domesticity with effortless décor ideas in departments that engage customers in a creative community as well as an inspiring environment.


“20.20 became part of our team, creating a collaborative and energetic ethos that enabled us to deliver the store within a very demanding time frame.”
- Paula Minowa, CEO, Strauss Innovation