Rewriting the rules of foreign exchange

American Express


Consumers and currency exchange are like a one night stand – neither can remember the other’s name the next day. American Express want to be different. They asked 20.20 to redefine the retail strategy for their high street and travel locations, creating a memorable customer experience across channel. We had to leverage customers’ trust in the American Express brand to improve customer loyalty for face-to-face foreign exchange services (FES).


We developed a service-focused retail proposition based on the mindsets at play when buying travel money. This insight helped us to define multichannel customer journeys that recognised opportunities to engage people before their arrival at the airport – positioning American Express as a familiar face in an unfamiliar environment. We gave FES a distinct brand personality, creating environmental principles and architectural guidelines with a focus on innovation, approachable service and brand advocacy.


+ Armed Amex with the tools to win tenders
+ Strengthened bids for retail sites