Making The Emirates a perfect home for Arsenal fans

Arsenal Football Club

When Arsenal FC made the emotional move from Highbury to Emirates in 2006, they were faced with a challenge; how can a brand new stadium become a true home for fans of a club built on history and tradition?

The answer was Arsenalisation. The Emirates had to be a stadium where fans would no longer be spectators, but active and vibrant participants of the game. It had to speak to lifelong Arsenal fans and engage a new generation of followers. Above all else, the aim of Arsenalisation was to turn the Emirates into the home of Arsenal, and to connect with fans on an emotional level.

20.20 have been a key partner in the Arsenalisation initiative since the club's relocation to the Emirates, implementing several original stadium features to make fans feel at home.

The 'Legends Together' graphics on the stadium wrap showcases 32 great Arsenal players standing 15 metres tall, embracing the stadium in a huddle and communicating to fans that they are 'part of the team' from the moment they arrive on match-day.

As well as renaming the stands and branding the concourses, 20.20 have installed iconic statues of Arsenal's holy trinity: Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Herbert Chapman. These statues have been placed at ground level to encourage fans to interact with their Arsenal heroes.

In Armoury Square and the North Bank Terrace, supporters can purchase a Fan Brick to leave their message on permanent display underfoot. This initiative gives fans a personal investment in the Emirates, and recognises that the Club has a solid foundation of loyal followers and personal narratives.