BMW Next 100 Concept Showcase, Camden Roundhouse

We became aware of BMW Next100 whilst waiting for a train to a client meeting at Waterloo station. The now de-rigueur virtual reality experience was framed with a shiny futuristic podium and staff eager to get an Oculus headset over our ears. We didn’t have time to get involved, as our train was due to leave, but we walked away with a make-at-home cardboard VR box and a leaflet. If we had had time, we could have been whisked back home to Camden roundhouse in a brand new BMW i3 to visit the exhibition.

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We were expecting the fight of the century (or at least the highly-polished scuffle of the century) when we pitted two of the most innovative retail experiences available on Oxford Street head to head this week.

Nicole Wilson
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Balancing brand heritage with industry innovation is a challenge we often embrace here at 20.20. So, as the oldest bookshop in London opens its doors anew in St Pancras, we wonder how this retailer has learned from experience to move with the times.

Nicole Wilson
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