The site has been redesigned to appeal to fashion conscious mums and children, and the customer journey has been optimised to improve multi channel sales. The site is one of the first to provide an integrated social and ecommerce experience.

The site has been rolled out to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Holland.

Prenatal’s website is the final channel to have been updated with 20.20’s brand, following the success of the redesigned stores and catalogue.

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Welcome to Miami, the location of Prénatal’s S/S 2012 Mother to Be and Kids campaign and catalogue photoshoot, the sixth collection we have art directed for this amazing brand.

With each season, Prénatal’s collections are getting stronger, whilst the brand’s essence which we helped define, is being translated into looks that now have tons of personality and ‘wearability’. This time, we let the exotic location and the collection cross-pollinate and influence our approach, but even more so we wanted to push the fashion side of the brand.

Sanela Lazic
PrenatalMiamiMother to bephoto shoot
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