As the world’s largest ever Lego store, the Leicester Square flagship has hosted expectant queues of tourists and enthusiasts since first opening its doors in November. We went along to see how the new store is settling in.

Nicole Wilson
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20.20 have been working with Halfords on a new store concept that opened last November in Derby.

Brought in by Elmwood who were working on the new brand 20.20 were asked to redesign the customer experience looking at improving the service offer and WeFit strategy as well as the look and feel of the store.

Store of the Future

They say that you don’t notice the foibles of your own culture until you visit somewhere completely different. We’ve never been anywhere that makes this more apparent than Japan. Here are some little retail quirks we noticed during a week in Tokyo.


# 1 Vending is big news (and most machines serve hot drinks, too)

Nicole Wilson

February leaves us with the dress that broke the internet, a fall by Madonna and high five to all the winners throughout the awards season.

Were jogging into March and look forward to spring and all the dreams and fairytales it brings with it. Have a look at our predicitons and key events this month.

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sɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti (noun)
The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

The recession has had a clear impact on the way consumers behave, not only in looking for the best price but also in the search for certainty. This has led to a boom in information, personalisation and predictive marketing, all aiming to help consumers make quick and easy decisions.


Social networking has become a way of life. Our attention spans are waning. We are living in a ‘refresh culture’, craving and consuming constant updates about the world and the people around us. Our urge to post something as soon as our contribution is buried under the newsfeed snowfall has become an almost physical twitch; and just as this is changing the way we interact with each other, it is changing the way we interact with brands.

Two growing digital tribes are emerging: the Keepers and the Fleeters.

Nicole Wilson
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This lovely card marks (just over) one year since we started working with the team at Kiddicare. All ten concept stores are now open for business, and they are not the only new sources of pride and joy; the teams have also welcomed three new arrivals since beginning the project, baby Dolly, baby Harrison and baby Beatrice.

For more details on the project, click here

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Amazon Store

Towards the end of 2011 there was an uncomfortable conversation in the world of ecommerce as online brands and retailers started to consider creating a real world presence through the opening of physical stores. But why now when so much of the nations’ shopping has moved away from the high street and is instead carried out on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets?

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Earlier this month, 20.20 Client Director for Sport & Entertainment Michael Artis was invited to speak to students and perspective employers about the advantages of graduating from Bournemouth University – a university that has taken the lead in vocational education in the UK.

Bournemouth University
Pets at Home work wins DBA

20.20 attended the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards last night and were delighted to receive the Silver Award in the category of Retail Interiors, for our work with Pets at Home on their New Malden store in Surrey
The Design Effectiveness Awards recognise, reward and promote the integral role effective design plays in the creation of business growth. The role we have played in helping the New Malden flagship store increase revenue is undeniable with key figures post the redesign including:

pets at home
Miranda Nagalingam
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