They say that you don’t notice the foibles of your own culture until you visit somewhere completely different. We’ve never been anywhere that makes this more apparent than Japan. Here are some little retail quirks we noticed during a week in Tokyo.


# 1 Vending is big news (and most machines serve hot drinks, too)

Nicole Wilson

By now we’re used to the idea that ‘one day’ our fridges might be so clever they’ll stock themselves, communicating directly with supermarkets behind the scenes so we never have to make a run for Tesco Express in our pyjama bottoms again.

Nicole Wilson
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Glittering mirage for teachers, childcare headache for parents and an excuse to drag out the barbecue for the rest of us – the summer holidays are here again. As Ryanair post a 25% rise in quarterly profits and Eurostar announce record passenger numbers, those looking to avoid the crowds in August may find a summery saviour in Google, who have updated their search function to include a feature that tracks the busiest times of the week at ‘millions of places and businesses around the world.’

Nicole Wilson
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