Retail Week’s Stores Editor John Ryan decided to put Tesco under the spotlight in the latest edition of the magazine and invited 20.20 Managing Director, Jim Thompson along for his expert opinion.

Much is documented about the Tesco Extra and Tesco Metro/ Express formats but the midsize ‘Superstores’ that actually make up more of their estate than the edge of town super huge ‘Extra’ stores seem to escape the radar.

Retail Week
John Ryan

Inevitably – and as it often does – it all started with Tesco. Or, as they’re known in South Korea: Home plus.

As the now-famous YouTube video tells us, Tesco found that they were second in the South Korean market, partly due to the lower number of stores they had in comparison to their main competitor. Their mission was to explore whether they could become number one in the market, without increasing store numbers – namely, via their online store.


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