Monthly Archives: May 2018

Customer Experience – Week 21

This week, major retailers have launched initiatives to combat waste, and Sephora is launching a complimentary makeup class for transgender shoppers. In leisure, Hasbro has created a new version of Monopoly for dark hearts and IKEA’s latest ‘Sömnig’ ad gives readers sleep-inducing benefits. We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences. Retail Stories Tesco will […]


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Customer Experience – Week 20

  This week in retail, M&S has temporarily rebranded itself as Markle and Sparkle in celebration of the Royal Wedding, and Zara has opened a super high-tech store in Westfield Stratford city. In leisure, Get A Drip IV drip pop up is opening in Shoreditch just in time for the summer and Johnnie Walker offers […]