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Speedy concept for Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has launched its first commuter-focused concept stores in the UK.
The mini-format is aimed at morning commuters that want a quick coffee, but don’t want to compromise on taste.
We were approached by Costa to design their mini-format stores using design and materiality that convey speed and quality.
The design needed to appeal to this target market whilst maintaining a clear connection to the Costa brand we know and love.
Dependent on the size and location, customers can pre-order their coffee via the Costa Coffee Club app, or a digital order point in store and collect their coffee without the need to queue. An edited and simplified menu allows commuters to quickly check the availability and price of their usual morning coffee enabling a faster service. The materials and the design represent speed, quality and direction to help the customer journey flow. The colour palette remains close to the Costa Coffee Global brand with playful design details.
These mini-format stores are cashless, accepting contactless payment or payment via the Costa Coffee Club app.
Coffee lovers can enjoy speedy service within Lewisham Station, Vauxhall Station and near Smithfield Market (in between Farringdon and Barbican).
Additional mini-format stores are set to open within the UK.

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