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A review of Samsung KX

The doors have opened at Samsung’s FX experience space in Coal Drops Yard and if you haven’t checked it out yet you really ought to.

The website is a true representation of what to expect upon your visit with upcoming activities based on your selected passion.

“This is not a shop” is the message placed on one corner of Samsung KX. It’s more of a fusion of culture, innovation and a community hub. Samsung KX embodies their “Do What you Can’t” ethos in an inspiring way.

Samsung is the perfect example of a brand connecting with its customers and doing so in an innovative way. From yoga classes, floristry workshops and industry seminars there is something here for everyone. These can all be booked online through the Samsung KX website. Brands such as Frame, Timeout, Mind and Urban Development are hosting masterclasses and workshops at present.

Or if you fancy it, learn how to DJ, have a go on the world’s first seamlessly connected driving experience, decorate the walls with digital graffiti, or create your very own mini 3D figure – free interactive experiences are dotted around, so take your pick. Technology is brought to life in this exciting 20,000 sq ft space.

Like its New York counterpart, Samsung KX is a physical form of the company’s brand, but this time with a heavy focus on VR. No need to tap in your email address to participate in these experiences either, which is a big plus.

As well as its on-going activity line-up, it’s a brilliant way for customers to discover Samsung products. Barely a price tag in sight, it’s an informal shopping experience that doesn’t leave you feeling pressured. If you want to make a purchase, simply ask a member of staff and they can arrange a home delivery. There’s no shopping bags here!

Other key touchpoints include an in-house café, a hot desking lounge and a help area for all your queries. You could quite easily spend a day here getting some work done, having a coffee break and listening in on a workshop.

Over in the kitchen, the Samsung smart fridge can research recipes based on fridge contents and there’s a washing machine that you can program to turn on from your phone. Although it felt slightly neglected in a room full of hands-on activities, the whole experience shows how Samsung technology can fit in with your modern-day lifestyle.

Similar to Apple, this experience led hub aims to bring customers back into stores. There’s plenty of Samsung staff on hand to give you advice and knowledge about the products. Tech is carving out its place in the retail high street this year especially with Microsoft’s first European store in London and Fujifilm’s plans to open a concept store on Oxford Street.

As Michael has already alluded to in his thought piece, retail is still alive, it’s the retailers that have become obsolete. Physical stores with leisure and community enhancing experiences will be the ones that customers will want to engage with. Samsung’s digital playground is redefining the future of retail, ironically by placing no emphasis on retail at all. There’s so much going on in this space, yet it feels totally relaxed. Nothing forced upon you, the discovery really is in your own hands.

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