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Whether they’re hosted on the high street, on a cruise ship, in stadia or online, successful brand experiences need to earn (and reward) customers’ attention, time, effort and money. Every experience is an opportunity for a brand to orchestrate the moments that matter as part of an effective omnichannel journey.

Arsenal Football Club

Truth Four years after making the Emirates their home in 2006, Arsenal FC re-enlisted 20.20 to develop their fan experience at Club Level and set new benchmarks in global stadia hospitality. The truth is that exclusive stadium spaces no longer compete for a captive local audience; the Emirates had to excel against Michelin-star restaurants and […]

TUI Marella Discovery

Truth When TUI UK unveiled plans for a new addition to their Marella Cruises fleet, their ambition was not only to modernise the cruise customer experience – but to attract a younger audience of holidaymakers and families on board. Together, we defined a design concept for Marella Discovery that would deliver a range of family-friendly […]


Truth SMYK has been Poland’s favourite toy store for over 50 years – and though its offer has broadened over time, its focus on families has never faltered. SMYK needed a creative review of its overall proposition, brand identity and store design for local markets and for new retail opportunities in the Middle East. Together, […]


Truth When Ascot challenged us to replace 14 hospitality boxes with a premium lounge restaurant to help their Grandstand realise its full commercial potential, we recognised that guests were often more excited by the ceremony of a day at the races than the sport itself. The success of this space would rely on truly re-engaging […]

Cool Club

Truth Trusted one-stop kids’ shop, SMYK challenged us to transform one of their successful product brands, Cool Club, into a standalone international brand for children’s fashion. By getting the stakeholders together in a creative environment to think, feel and act as parents, aunts, and uncles, we declared an ambition to make Cool Club a kid-centric […]

London Stadium

Truth Since the Olympic Games left London spellbound, the stadium has made a promise to East London – to remain an active part of the community as well as a longstanding tribute to ambition. Charged with designing permanent hospitality spaces for the former Olympic Stadium, we needed to balance the needs of stakeholders as diverse […]

Fortnum & Mason

Truth Iconic British department store, Fortnum & Mason appointed 20.20 to create an indulgent new destination for jewellery in London. Launched in collaboration with British design platform Rock Vault, the new department aspired to showcase the creativity and protect the longevity of a specialist modern industry. The challenge was to present a curated edit of […]


Truth For generations, empik had been Poland’s leading book and entertainment retailer. In the last decade, the retailer responded to shrinking demand and online competition by introducing new categories, which disgruntled loyal customers. It had become a confused lifestyle retailer when the new CEO decided to reclaim empik as a Polish cultural icon. Customers wanted […]