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This week in retail, Amazon plans for total smart-home domination with the announcement of more than a dozen new devices.

In leisure, Instagram has launched new features to make online shopping easier than ever.

We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences.

Retail Stories

To enrich employee education, Walmart is putting headsets in its stores to help train staff in VR.
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In the era of insta-friendly maximalism, Jil Sander’s new Tokyo store is a calming green haven.
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Waitrose trials two-hour delivery slots within selected postcodes.
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To celebrate 20 years of Tesco Finest, Tesco is creating an edible exhibition inviting customers on a journey of taste discoveries.
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Leisure Stories

The TSX Broadway building in Times Square is being developed as a maximalist vision of futuristic retail and brand advertising.
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Spotify bypasses record labels by encouraging independent artists to upload their own tracks.
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Instagram gets personal with its Explore channel and new shopping feature.
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Discount supermarkets now account for £13 of every £100 spent on groceries in the UK.
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