Customer Experience – Week 20


This week in retail, M&S has temporarily rebranded itself as Markle and Sparkle in celebration of the Royal Wedding, and Zara has opened a super high-tech store in Westfield Stratford city.

In leisure, Get A Drip IV drip pop up is opening in Shoreditch just in time for the summer and Johnnie Walker offers its customers an online whiskey personalisation experience.

We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences.

Retail Stories

H&M use customer returns data to edit their ranges to local tastes. Link.

Carrefour Belgium introduces lockers to collect your weekly shop. Link. 

New Zara store has gone totally digital featuring automated online order collection points and self-checkouts. Link.

Amazon adds scannable codes to its boxes to encourage re-use. Link.

Leisure Stories

New IV drip pop-up station in Shoreditch pumps detoxing vitamins straight into your veins. Link.

Johnnie Walker invites customers to build-their-own whisky online. Link.

Following the trend for ASMR videos, this spa celebrates “oddly-satisfying experiences” as a form of wellbeing. Link.

This start up has created a zero-impact T-shirt that absorbs pollution from the air. Link.


67% of customers have become “serial switchers”, customers who are willing to switch brands because of a poor customer experience. Link.


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