Customer Experience – Week 21

This week, major retailers have launched initiatives to combat waste, and Sephora is launching a complimentary makeup class for transgender shoppers.

In leisure, Hasbro has created a new version of Monopoly for dark hearts and IKEA’s latest ‘Sömnig’ ad gives readers sleep-inducing benefits.

We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences.

Retail Stories

Tesco will remove best before dates on selected fruit and veg to combat food waste. Link.

Sephora is launching makeup “Classes for Confidence” for the Transgender Community. Link.

Starbucks customers can now pick up coffee grounds from their local store to use as natural plant fertiliser. Link.

WH Smith has launched a mental health initiative to raise awareness, reduce the stigma and provide training for its staff. Link.

Leisure Stories

Restaurants and bars are realising the value of “passive income” as they turn into co-working spaces. Link.

Based on the insight that 50% of all Monopoly players cheat, Hasbro has created a Cheater’s Edition to encourage bad behaviour. Link.

IKEA has created ‘the sleepiest print ad ever made’ with lavender-scented ink and white noise. Link.


Between the years 1800 and 2000, the proportion of people working outside decreased from 90% to just 20%. Link.

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