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This week in retail, the wedding industry gets a shake-up with a high street planning experience which lets couples print their own cake toppers and even tie the knot in store.

In leisure, new research has examined why East Asian cultures are more comfortable with cutting-edge technology than Westerners. Should more brands be looking East for customer experience innovations?

We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences.

Retail Stories

Frozen food’s cultural comeback has spurred this Czech supermarket to create a self-serve freezer aisle. 
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Cosmetics retailer LUSH prepares to open a “Naked” concept store enriched by the #LushLabs app. 
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Zola’s wedding store in New York invites couples to organise their big day all under one roof. 
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What might a supermarket look like in 2069? 
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Leisure Stories

With the rise of ride hailing networks and autonomous vehicles, are the days of owning a car really numbered? 
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2019 will be the year where Virtual Reality in healthcare goes mainstream. 
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How does your culture influence your attitude to new technology? 
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63% of shoppers think their phone will replace payment cards within 5 years. 
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