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You may notice we’re shaking up the format this week; as retail and leisure converge in the real world, so do our weekly customer experience stories!

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CX Stories

Mastercard invest in a sonic brand signature to differentiate themselves in voice-controlled environments. 
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Lego and Snapchat launch a shoppable AR experience, turning an empty room into a clothes shop with zero stock and a virtual DJ. 
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Soho House has opened its first affordable, American retro-style motel and diner. 
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This mobile ticketing app is targeting Gen Z with a “LastCall” feature to buy tickets after an event has started. 
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IKEA open their most sustainable store in Greenwich with a focus on home-delivery. 
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68% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany think tailoring online ads based on browsing behaviour is unethical. Read more.

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