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This week in retail, cinematic Christmas adverts have taken a back seat for more political and more pragmatic offerings.

In leisure, high street F&B chains like Jamie’s Italian and Byron have had a tough year; but can “fickle diners” be entirely to blame?

We hope these insights inspire your business to think differently about your own customer experiences.

Retail Stories

M&S go back to basics for their seasonal ad, while Iceland’s efforts are deemed to political to be seen on TV.
M&S and Iceland

A look at the benefits and drawbacks of cashless kiosks.
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Wearing brand logos is en vogue again, driven by social media and a disruptive political climate.
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Why printed catalogues are still key at Christmas.
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Leisure Stories

Artist Banksy lets fans print off their own artwork in promotion of The Walled-Off Hotel.
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Selling music on the road: how innovations in transport are influencing the way we listen to music.
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G2 Esports have partnered with a payment app to recruit new pro gamers via reality TV.
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What’s causing the squeeze on mid-market restaurant chains? (Don’t say Millennials.)
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High street stores closed at a rate of 14 per day during the first half of 2018.
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